PLIENO SPEKTRAS is an official distributor of unique Swedish modular conveyor manufacturer CARRYLINE in Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We are proud to be with CARRYLINE.



Carryline is an automated, highly flexible and space efficient conveyor system for almost any type of product movement in any possible sectors. Since 1963, Carryline has carried loads of different types of products. With this experience we have a complete and proven system suitable for most types of products.

Carryline’s standard system is in aluminum or stainless steel which consists of a few basic components with a range of different variations to suit any need for material handling. Carryline can deliver only components or complete conveyor system. The units are assembled with simple tools which makes the installation and any reconfiguration to the production line quick and cost effective. We will pre-assembly; test and CE mark your conveyor system prior to delivery. This will ensure high quality and a preparation for a faster and more effective installation.

Carryline manufacture virtually all components in-house in Kungälv this results in short lead times, high quality and a large level of stock to meet customer demand. This also gives Carryline the unique possibility to manufacture and build a conveyor system with very specific needs for our customers.

After more than 50 years of manufacturing conveyor systems and related products we know how important it is to deliver high quality – anything to avoid a stop in the production line. Carryline manufacture 10 000 meters of chains every year. We know that you will get a secure flow of production to meet our customer´s expectations and needs. We trust our product. Our references from satisfied customers are your security!


Carryline profile system is a flexible building system with aluminum profiles as a basis. The profiles are used for a variety of applications. For example cover, supports, worktables etc. We sell both in single items but also complete ready solutions where we help you from concept to project drawings and assembly.

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